What you'll learn

  • Construct a competitive business strategy based on sustainable economic advantages and operational alignment
  • Analyze the quadrants of your business model, employing field-tested tools and techniques
  • Communicate strategic business choices using language and concepts you can share to build buy-in
  • Prepare for the full spectrum of strategic challenges and opportunities that leaders face

Course description

If you’ve reached an inflection point in your career where you’re making increasingly important strategic decisions, this three-day online advanced strategy program will prepare you for these challenges.

This online offering provides you with tools and frameworks for developing a competitive business strategy. Learn how to maximize your strategic advantage and create industry disruption with an integrated, sustainable business model. Expand your ability to analyze market and cost dynamics. Gain insights into the financial profiles of different business models.

Through a carefully designed sequence of business cases, interactive discussions, presentations, and group exercises, you will learn what gives winning organizations their edge in terms of competitive strategy and organizational agility.


  • Former Vice President of Executive Development and Global Head of EMC University for EMC Corporation
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