What you'll learn

  • Learn durable and globally applicable principles, practices, and approaches to change that apply to any urban affordable housing challenge.
  • Use a real-life, multi-part case study that demonstrates the universal aspects of affordable housing, and the crucial details of its local application
  • Master the universal fundamentals of affordable housing, and understand how they can be adapted by place, policy, and laws – enabling participants to analyze the housing models needed in their changing cities
  • Frame affordable housing for external stakeholders as an imperative where they should act to help. Understand the pathways by which political or market desires can be converted into successful housing developments.
  • Recognize development and redevelopment opportunity in an urban context. Identify financial and subsidy resources that, if tapped, turn uneconomic eyesores into profitable development opportunities.
  • Decide whether and how to enter or expand your company’s or agency’s involvement with affordable housing.

Course description

Though affordable housing has existed as an asset class for half a century, over the last two decades it has risen globally in importance, urgency, and public resources, and is emerging as more important than ever. And as stakeholders demand rapid innovation to tackle urgent housing challenges, in country after country affordable housing now has its biggest change-opportunity window in recent times. This course is not focused on the specifics of affordable housing in any specific market, including the United States. Powered by the instructors’ decades of experience in hundreds of projects in 50+ countries around the world, this course enables participants to zoom out and see the context of their cities’ housing markets, so that they may best understand how to improve it.


  • Founder and CEO Affordable Housing Institute (AHI)
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