What you'll learn

  • Creating more resilient, sustainable supply chains
  • Addressing the needs and demands of consumers around the world
  • Harnessing innovation
  • Navigating a volatile landscape
  • Supporting farms of the future

Course description

The global pandemic and urgent concerns about climate change and environmental disasters are putting new levels of pressure on traditional agriculture business models and supply chains. These and other types of change, from emerging technologies to political shifts, have created new challenges, but also new possibilities, for companies that can innovate, develop new strategies, and scale their operations. For more than 60 years, business leaders from around the world have gathered for the Agribusiness Seminar at Harvard Business School (HBS) to discuss the changing agribusiness landscape—and shape the future of this vital industry. As you gain valuable insight into agribusiness trends, challenges, and emerging opportunities, you will find new ways to build competitive advantage and drive business growth.

Whatever role your company plays in the agribusiness value chain, this virtual program will help you stay current with shifts in market demand, regional and global trends, and local operating realities. You will join an accomplished group of executives to examine new business models for navigating rapid changes in technologies, consumer demands, and geopolitics. With a more nuanced understanding of the key issues facing agribusiness today, you will be better able to create a strong future for your business—and for the planet and its people.

The upcoming seminar will feature new agribusiness-specific cases incorporating the latest trends, evolving business models, competitive strategies, and novel thinking about industry opportunities and challenges.

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