What you'll learn

  • Discover a forward-thinking winning competitive strategy, superb organizational execution, and the resilience required for sustainability
  • Establish a process to embed your strategy into the daily life and operations of the entire company
  • Hear tales from the field led by implementation experts from McKinsey & Company
  • Create a culminating project that will have you leave with a roadmap for launching strategic plans that meet your organization’s goals

Course description

Having a strategic plan doesn’t guarantee that you will succeed in achieving your goals, much less sustain them. Once you have your strategy, the crucial question is what do you do next to achieve your goals?

Designed for managers and leaders responsible for the implementation of strategic plans, this program will help you successfully navigate challenges and provide a guided structure for seamless execution and sustainment of organizational, departmental, and project-specific plans.

A strategic plan is a valuable asset when combined with both guided implementation and a sustainment plan. It’s the engine that will drive your organization toward a goal or successful change initiative. Your strategic plan without execution and sustainment is a wasted effort.

This unique program introduces elements not found in other strategic planning programs, as it provides an end-to-end approach to the strategic planning process at every touchpoint, and bridges the gap between strategy, execution and sustainability. This seminar provides a systematic framework in which structure follows strategy.


  • Adjunct Professor of Organizational Development, Business School, University of Monterrey, Mexico
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