What you'll learn

  • Gain insight into the sustainability challenges facing organizations today
  • Understand how employees, customers, and stakeholders influence sustainability goals
  • Identify key competencies in sustainability leadership and management
  • Understand the risks involved in maintaining non-sustainable business practices
  • Explore best practices for implementing sustainability strategies
  • Create sustainability goals that are customizable across a range of organization types

Course description

Incorporating sustainable practices into your business model can be transformational for your organization’s short- and long-term success. Stakeholders across the board—investors, customers, and employees alike—now demand a corporate commitment to improved environmental sustainability practices. Sustainable organizations will be ready to respond more quickly, more efficiently, and more successfully to the economic challenges posed by the world’s changing environment.

This program offers key strategies and practical insights to help you build sustainability into your organization and make it an integral part of what you do every day. Through interactive discussions, case studies, and group exercises, you will examine global sustainability frameworks and best practices, and explore examples of organizations that have successfully integrated sustainability. You will learn how to create a customized strategy to develop and deploy positive and effective sustainability practices that will protect and promote the long-term profitability of your business model.


  • Director of Informatics, Institutes of Energy and the Environment, and Instructor of Risk Management, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University
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