What you'll learn

  • Learn methodologies and practices that support an inclusive work environment
  • Use a research-based method to assess and enhance cultural intelligence
  • Identify the intersection between unconscious bias and CQ
  • Develop a practical action plan for your learnings

Course description

Today’s workforce is diverse, so it’s not enough to be an expert in traditional management and leadership techniques. Being a successful leader now requires awareness of your own cultural competence and unconscious biases so you can influence and effectively lead multicultural teams. 

In this 4-week online program, you’ll learn ways to assess and improve cultural intelligence, also known as CQ. The assessment taught in this program is based on rigorous, academic research aimed at improving CQ in the education, business, government, and health care sectors.

Additionally, this program will allow attendees to explore the intersection of unconscious bias and cultural intelligence. They’ll also learn how to become more aware of internal biases and ways to overcome them.


  • Sr. Human Resources Consultant in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) at Harvard University
  • Sr. Human Resources Consultant in the Faculty of Arts of Sciences at Harvard University
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