What you'll learn

  • Understand the importance of genomics in medicine and the role of family health history, including implications for patient testing and counseling.
  • Learn practical foundations related to the molecular basis of genetic diseases, testing methodologies, and considerations for selecting and interpreting genetic test results.
  • Explore common and emerging applications of genetic testing and screening across multiple specialties and primary care.
  • Consider ethical, legal, and social issues that have shaped existing practices, and also spark current debates in genomic medicine.

Course description

Our Genomic Medicine in Clinical Practice course aims to equip healthcare professionals, researchers, and medical students who are interested in learning more about the current and future applications of genomic medicine. Our esteemed faculty of clinical and molecular geneticists, genetic counselors, and subspecialists will lead participants through instructional videos, practical exercises, discussion board activities, and assessments. This content will explore family history collection and interpretation, fundamental genetic variations, laboratory selection and report analysis, indication-based and preventive testing options, and the ethical, legal, and cultural issues underpinning the field.

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