What you'll learn

  • Governance frameworks
  • Performance and measurement systems
  • Accountability and compliance oversight models 
  • Dynamics between boards and CEOs
  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • Strategic stewardship

Course description

To fulfill their mission, nonprofit organizations depend on their board for strong, innovative leadership. This program prepares you to excel in your role as a board member and to contribute at a higher level. As you gain insight into four essential competencies of nonprofit governance—board leadership, strategic stewardship, performance measurement, and financial oversight—you will learn how to drive the strategic and organizational transformation that enables your nonprofit organization to thrive.

This nonprofit leadership program engages you in a rich learning experience that includes dynamic faculty presentations, case studies, and group discussions. Led by HBS faculty with expertise in board leadership and nonprofit management, you will examine how effective boards maintain mission clarity, forge productive relationships with CEOs, structure and manage important alliances, drive organizational performance, and achieve financial sustainability.

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