What you'll learn

  • Sleep mechanics and sleep deprivation 
  • Causes of sleep deprivation
  • How to get sound sleep

Course description

Improving Your Sleep will show you how to overcome the obstacles interfering with the good night’s rest you want and your body needs. You’ll find why sleep often eludes us as adults. You’ll explore habits and conditions that can rob you of peaceful slumber. And most important, you’ll learn the changes you can make and steps you can take to restore consistently restful and restorative sleep. Is snoring causing strife? Could sleep apnea be threatening a loved one’s life—or yours? The course provides instructive guidance to address these sleep breathing disorders as well as other common sleep disturbances including Restless Leg Syndrome, sleep/wake cycle disorders, narcolepsy, jet lag, and even sleepwalking.


  • Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Assistant Medical Director of the Sleep Disorders Service; Program Director for the sleep medicine fellowship program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
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