What you'll learn

  • Participants will learn how to protect investments – theirs and their clients - from risks while discussing: currency and inflation hedging; leverage; cross border portfolio; and the most efficient investment structures.
  • Understand how to create and contribute to a successful real estate investment strategic plan in local as well as international markets;
  • Learn the theory behind the real estate cycle in order to anticipate its behavior and make rational investment and design decisions;
  • Understand the different external factors that can affect real estate investments around the world.
  • Learn how to protect investments from risks while discussing inflation hedging techniques, currency hedging, leverage, cross-border portfolio, and the most efficient investment structures.
  • Understand negotiation dynamics to prepare yourself, your organization, or on behalf of your client to understand parties’ respective interests, claim and create value, and resolve differences to close a dea

Course description

We live in a world of unprecedented uncertainty. So as real estate practitioners, having a “crystal ball” to anticipate the future is crucial to success. To cope with risks, we need to build solid investment strategies based on locally distinct factors. In this course, we will explore the real estate cycle in-depth – what its drivers are, the difference between physical, psychological and financial cycles, and the factors that drive other investors to enter or exit a particular market.

New for September 2022’s session is a greater focus on inflation - 2022’s most-discussed risk. We will dedicate a full session to understanding why inflation happens and which tools we can use to hedge our real estate investments from inflation.


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