What you'll learn

  • Discover your quiet power and realize the value it brings to a leadership role.
  • Build your confidence in leading as a result of the Reflected Best Self Exercise.
  • Explore flexible leadership styles to lead successfully across diverse situations.
  • Help your organization expand its definition of leadership to be inclusive of introverted styles.
  • Develop strategies to enable others to perceive your leadership as effective and competent.
  • Become a role model to encourage full contribution from all employees.

Course description

Leaders are often described in terms synonymous with extroversion: outgoing, gregarious, forceful, dynamic. But often, the best leaders are introverts who possess a quiet power. Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg are just a few examples.

In a corporate setting where being reserved isn’t always looked upon as a leadership trait, how can introverts leverage their strengths and find their management style?

In this program, we will challenge the conventional definition of leadership and explore the significant value of introverted personality types within an organization.

Participants will build competencies focused on getting their ideas heard, adapting to be effective in different situations, and managing the perceptions of others so they see your conviction, competence, and authentic leadership.


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