Course description

This course provides an in-depth, hands-on study of technological, design, and development approaches for enterprise-level software systems using the Java-based Spring 5 framework. The Spring 5 framework enables creation of web and enterprise Java applications with the focus on high performance, scalability, testability, and reusability. The course examines core spring framework and its integration with other leading Java technologies, such as Hibernate, Java Persistence application programming interface (API) (JPA 2), Java messaging service (JMS), representational state transfer (REST) web services, security, and testing. Concepts covered in the course include inversion of control/dependency injection, Spring aspect-oriented programming (AOP); data access with Java database connectivity (JDBC), Hibernate, and Java Persistence API; Spring transaction management; Spring model-view-controller framework; Spring security; Spring REST web services; Spring JMS; and Spring testing. Hands-on development projects provide opportunities to apply Spring framework technological capabilities to the creation of enterprise-level Java applications.


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