What you'll learn

  • Foster inclusion—even when you're not around
  • Expand your personal and professional network
  • Drive more effective collaboration across the organization
  • Improve the performance of your organization's diverse workforce

Course description

The diversity of today's workforce has the potential to spark higher levels of creativity, innovation, and performance. While most leaders know this to be true, few are able to effectively maximize that potential. In this virtual program, you will expand your capacity for genuinely inclusive leadership and discover how you can leverage differences to create advantage for your organization.

Through faculty presentations, selected readings, case discussions, individual assessments, experiential exercises, and small-group discussions, you will explore the core ingredients of inclusive leadership and develop your ability to lead in ways that cultivates mutual respect, trust, empathy, and improved collaboration. As you gain a greater understanding of workforce differences, you will discover how businesses with good strategies and inclusive cultures are driving better results—and how you can contribute to your organization's performance by becoming a more inclusive leader.

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