What you'll learn

  • Understand your own leadership style with the goal of more effectively leading each member of your team
  •  Assemble and manage diverse teams to optimize innovative and high-quality outcomes
  • Map out the conversations to build your team’s infrastructure or analyze an existing one with the goal of enabling each member to do their best work
  • Create a plan to address a team challenge you are facing today
  • Develop practical skills of resolving conflict, providing feedback, and holding members accountable

Course description

Great teams are energizing and productive, delivering breakthrough results. But high-performing teams only happen as a result of intentional, strategic work on your part, the team leader.

This two-day intensive program will first help you understand how your leadership style impacts how you both assemble and manage teams.

Additionally, the seminar will outline the critical conversations necessary to build your team’s infrastructure, including goals, roles, and norms, so that all members can fully contribute. You will also learn to hold individuals accountable for both task performance and building productive relationships. And you’ll discover how to refine processes throughout the project timeline so that team members can adjust behaviors and task activities in real time.

In just two days, you will hone the strategies and skills essential to building and leading a diverse team toward your aspirational outcomes: a team that more effectively plans, executes, and delivers.


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