What you'll learn

  • Understand what digital is today and how the concept of disruption works
  • Create a roadmap for digital transformation based on your organization’s DNA – those traits unique to your organization that allow you to incorporate new digital information into your business models
  • Build competitive advantage by designing a customer-facing digital strategy that supports customer values
  • Learn how to create Ecosystems of Value – global, digital networks that transform product and service innovations in a way that drives greater value
  • Use digital transformation KPIs to monitor the market, evaluate returns on investment, and assess new transformation opportunities
  • Determine the digital accelerators that enable your organization to learn and innovate more quickly in order to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors

Course description

To stay competitive in today’s economy, many organizations need to undergo a wholescale upgrade into the digital world. The path to successful digital transformation is rarely clear or easy. But leaders with a greater understanding of what digital disruption means today will be empowered to invest their resources, time, and talent in ways that more effectively promote their organization’s long-term digital transformation.

The goal of this in-depth program is to provide you with insights into the models, methods, and networks you need to win in this digital era. You will gain tools to develop a comprehensive digital business plan that exploits your organization’s unique competitive advantages. You will learn how to identify the levers that make transformation effective, and you will explore appropriate transformation strategies that can help make your people more innovative and your organization more competitive.


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