Course description

Short films are an exciting and ever-evolving form of storytelling in the digital age. This course explores the strong tradition short films have in our culture as well as the new and innovative techniques filmmakers are currently using to tell and distribute their stories. In this course students devote the entire term to the creation and completion of one short film narrative or documentary with the intent of festival submission and/or online release. Students work in a collaborative atmosphere with classmates and the instructor to refine scripts and treatments plan productions and create the final film. Students may work individually or partner in a collaborative team. Either way the class serves as a support system for each student offering advice critiques and resources so that each member of the class is an integral part of a fully realized short. In addition to supporting traditional filmmaking approaches innovative storytelling techniques are strongly welcomed and supported. These can include interactive online documentaries hybrid approaches (blending fiction and nonfiction) webisode pilots and experimental techniques. Additionally the course demystifies the online distribution process and the film festival circuit exploring the many avenues filmmakers can take to get their work shown to a wider audience.


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