Course description

This course covers the life cycle of a museum object, following an object from accessioning to deaccessioning and all the steps that collections staff and registrars go through to accession, process, document, rehouse, monitor, and deaccession an object. Students perform the work done in institutions by collections managers and registrars, and gain practical experience in the work performed by these museum professionals. Using materials and objects in their homes, students learn how to accession an object into a museum collection, create object records, and document the object by museum standards in the Museum System (TMS) database. Students learn the types of materials used to rehouse objects and design a storage solution for their object. Students evaluate their objects and create condition reports for their objects. They also have the opportunity to loan their object to another institution and prepare an incoming loan agreement. At the end of the course, students deaccession their objects.


  • Collections Manager for the David P. Wheatland Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard University
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