What you'll learn

  • Discover how to successfully launch, lead, and realize value from change initiatives
  • Engage, collaborate, and innovate in sessions designed for practical learning
  • Participate in lightning sessions that break down complex processes into digestible and actionable sections
  • Share and listen to “awesome advice,” a popular activity where global participants contribute their own best practices for inspiring innovation
  • Learn how to transition from idea phase to implementation phase
  • Jumpstart your next change initiative with an action plan by leveraging newly gained strategic and tactical insights.

Course description

Change initiatives are the vehicles by which strategy is delivered. They represent the most significant dimension in determining whether goals and objectives are achieved.

This mastery session is designed for a deeper discussion and action planning around the central theme of getting stakeholders ready, willing, and able to make change happen. The program is anchored by a series of case discussions and learning sprints. Innovative in both content and design, this session embraces the philosophy that the most effective professional development has one foot in the library and one foot in the street.


  • Adjunct Professor of Organizational Development, Business School, University of Monterrey, Mexico
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