What you'll learn

  • Align your organization around a value-based strategy
  • Improve health care quality, system delivery, and patient value
  • How to measure and optimize health outcomes and costs for every patient through accurate measurement and reporting
  • Integration of care delivery across facilities in health systems
  • How to expand across geography through new facilities, affiliations, and partnerships
  • Create an enabling information technology platform

Course description

When you improve value, everyone wins—your patients, your organization, and the global health care ecosystem. This live online program examines the latest strategies and organizational models for transforming the way health care is delivered, measured, and reimbursed. Empowered with new insights and capabilities, you will return to your organization prepared to implement and oversee a value-based health care approach that lowers costs and improves outcomes.

In this program, you won't just explore value-based health care concepts—you'll learn exactly how to implement them. Through a rich learning experience that includes faculty presentations, global case studies, and small-group discussions, you will discover how leading health care organizations are using value-based approaches in a variety of medical contexts. Focused on six specific strategic agendas, you will learn how to overcome the organizational challenges of moving toward high-value, integrated care delivery.

You will use a value framework—first introduced by HBS professor Michael E. Porter in his book Redefining Health Care—as a template for restructuring health care delivery around value. The process starts with providers and expands into strategies for health plans, employers, suppliers, and governmental entities. By exploring real-world implementations, you will learn how to navigate the strategic and organizational challenges inherent in evolving your health care delivery approach.

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