What you'll learn

  • Explore your personal relationship with power, and how you can use it to influence favorable outcomes for yourself and others
  • Learn how to acquire power and attain support from your network
  • Build a toolkit that helps you become more influential and constructive in your workplace, including a “power portfolio” of video and slide content
  • Learn how to use power with purpose—even without formal authority
  • Engage in role-play exercises and guided self-reflection to deepen learning

Course description

It is important to understand and exercise power in order to lead effectively. Led by an expert in power dynamics, negotiation and mediation, this online program is designed to help leaders analyze and leverage interpersonal and structural power dynamics.

In a highly interactive and inclusive online learning environment, you’ll explore your own relationship with power, including how to build and leverage it, both responsibly and successfully. Expand your understanding of power by drawing on applied insights from theoretical frameworks and become more adept at handling situations where power can be easily misused.

Note: The online version of Using Power Effectively: A Toolkit for Leaders will be delivered in its entirety over four days (3.5 hours per day).


  • Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School’s East Asian Legal Studies Program
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