Daniel Garrie

Adjunct Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law and Founder of Law and Forensics, LLC

Daniel Garrie is the co-founder of Law & Forensics LLC and leads the cyber security and forensics practice teams. He has been a dominant voice in blockchain, cryptocurrency, computer forensics, and electronic discovery (e-discovery) for over 20 years. He is also an arbitrator, forensic neutral, and e-discovery special master at JAMS. Garrie has successfully built and sold several technology start-up companies. Since co-founding Law & Forensics LLC in 2008, Garrie has made it into a leading boutique cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and forensic engineering firm. In addition to his law degree, Garrie holds a bachelor's and master's in computer science, allowing him to speak as comfortably with engineers and developers as he does with lawyers and judges, distinguishing him from other practitioners. Garrie combines his technical prowess and legal expertise to resolve cybersecurity and forensic disputes and testify as an expert witness on cybersecurity, forensics, e-discovery, and other areas in state and federal court. Garrie regularly testifies as an e-discovery, cybersecurity, and computer forensic expert witness, authoring forensic expert reports on multi-million-dollar disputes. His ability to perform complex investigations and effectively communicate the results to a jury has made him one of the most sought-after experts in the country. His testimony has been pivotal in several cases involving complex cybersecurity and forensics. Separately, Garrie also enjoys teaching in both an academic and courtroom setting. He has presented over 300 seminars to thousands of lawyers, judges, and students across the globe.