Professor and Director of the Master of Science in Finance Program, New England College of Business and Finance

Ned Gandevani is the director of the Master of Science in Finance Program at the New England College of Business. He's a subject matter expert and has taught graduate finance, accounting, and business management both in physical classrooms and online for several US universities over the past ten years. He's developed courses in international financial management, managerial finance, and risk management and insurance. Gandevani has also worked as the dean of business and management at DeVry University in New York, leading both undergraduate and graduate programs. He's a published author with four books and many articles and essays on investment, finance, business, investment psychology, and accounting topics. His published work includes Winning Edge Trading: Successful and Profitable Short and Long-Term Systems and Strategies (John Wiley & Son, 2009) and The New Paradigm Investor: Become a Successful Investor with a Winning-Edge Investment System (iUniverse, 2009).

Gandevani holds both an MBA and a PhD in finance. He's a member of professional associations such as the American Financial Association; the Society for Quantitative Analysts; the American Management Association; the Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance, Education, and Wisdom; and is an affiliate member of the Market Technician Association.

Gandevani is the CEO/Chief Investment Strategist for the NMG Capital Group, an investment banking and asset management firm, and NMG Financial Services, which offers financial planning and risk management to build and preserve assets for high net worth individuals and businesses.

MBA, Long Island University

PhD, Walden University