Course description

This course explores storytelling through the genres of photojournalism, documentary, and art photography. We dig into the technical foundations and techniques of digital photography with the goals of enabling students to further control their work and experiment in new ways and to develop a deeper and broader understanding of photographic technique. The course investigates cutting edge technology in photography, as well as the variety of formats available. The course constantly refers to the software tools we use to ensure reliable workflow and archive management. It addresses advanced color management as well as the science of converting images from color to black and white. Through lectures, hands-on assignments, and critiques, students expand their understanding of digital photography while exploring their creativity to broaden the possibilities and improve the quality of their photographs. Storytelling with photography dominates; the goal of the course is for each student to produce a body of work or a photographic essay. The art of editing their own work is a key learning goal. We dive into portraiture outside of the studio, shooting stories involving people and discuss how to get the picture when everyone does not want you to. For the art aspect, this is a bridging course between accidental art while doing documentary work and art for art's sake. We look at various types of photography that are defined, or self-defined, as art.


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