What you'll learn

  • An introduction to behavioral insights

  • Strategies for building more effective polices using behavioral science

  • Cutting-edge research from this field

  • A deep understanding of the factors that drive individual behavior

  • An opportunity to learn from Harvard faculty, researchers, scientists and expert practitioners

  • A lasting network of peers with similar backgrounds and experience

Course description

The Behavioral Insights and Public Policy online program explores how behavioral insights can be used to help construct public policies. The faculty team will lead you through a powerful and engaging experience. The program uses a unique combination of lectures, case studies, participant presentations, small-group workshops, experiential learning and robust class discussions to deliver the curriculum. Cutting-edge research from economics, psychology and other social sciences are presented, introducing concepts that can help inform policy development.

Course Outline

Challenges you and your peers to think critically about the policy tools that will be most effective and appropriate for specific policy problems.

Shows how behavioral insights can improve the effectiveness of traditional policy tools like financial incentives, disclosure or regulation.

Demonstrates how to apply behavioral insights in a variety of policy domains.