Course description

The Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL), based on the groundbreaking Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, provides current and aspiring education leaders with an innovative and flexible online learning experience that develops a robust understanding of the complexities within educational systems, while honing the leadership skills to create transformational change. 


Led by HGSE faculty members, CAEL offers five distinct 12-week online modules which may be taken separately or pursued as a certificate. Participants who wish to earn the certificate must complete the Leading Learning module and can select three of the remaining four modules to complete within 24 months of beginning the program. Leading Learning can be taken at any point within the certificate timeline, and you can begin with any module and complete modules in any order.


The five modules in the CAEL portfolio are:

Developing Myself

Driving Change

Leading for Excellence and Equity

Leading Learning (required module for the certificate)

Managing Evidence

All modules may be taken for graduate credit from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, or non-credit.


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