What you'll learn

  • Design a Collaborative Co-Teaching Session.

  • Apply interactive educational methods that lead to effective and vibrant co-teaching.

  • Recognize the essential role that rehearsals play in co-teaching success.

Course description

Collaborative Co-Teaching: Engaging Learners across Health Care Professions is a unique course aimed at nurses, physicians and all allied health care professionals who wish to learn how to use the knowledge and skills of multiple disciplines to collaboratively teach in an interactive and engaging manner.

They will additionally be given a toolkit of interactive teaching techniques to make these educational sessions engaging, active and high yield.

Participants will attend explanatory lectures in the morning as well as choose from three breakout sessions during the afternoon which they can experience Collaborative Co-Teaching teams in action virtually and observe how they successfully lead their sessions in an engaging manner. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity throughout the course and at the end to ask questions of the panel of expert nurses and doctors who created the highly regarded Collaborative Co-Teaching Initiative at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston

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