What you'll learn

  • Understand how language is used to portray culture
  • Identify what cultural assumptions are embedded in children’s literature
  • Build space to include student discussion of culture in literacy instruction

Course description

What cultural norms and assumptions are embedded in the literature we use in our classrooms? How do we select texts that represent our students’ diversity and support them to engage in critical conversations about culture?

Culturally Responsive Literature Instruction is an online professional development program for K-12 teachers, literacy coaches, and principals. Drawing from the research of HGSE Professor Pamela Mason, the workshop explores the concept of “critical literacy” as a tool for examining the cultural assumptions embedded within literature. Participants will learn to take a critical stance when analyzing texts, discover resources for finding and integrating culturally sustaining literature in the classroom, and consider how to invite all students to engage in discussions of culture.


  • Senior Lecturer on Education; Faculty Director, Language and Literacy
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