What you'll learn

  • Articulate how and why equity is central to the work of school improvement

  • Build skills to take an equity lens at each step of the Data Wise Improvement Process

  • Demonstrate a relentless focus on evidence when collaboratively analyzing a wide range of data sources, including annual standardized tests, periodic formative assessments, daily class work, and observations of classroom practice

  • Engage in intentional collaboration by using a Meeting Wise “rolling agenda” and practicing wise meeting facilitation and participation

  • Cultivate a shared commitment to action, assessment, and adjustment as you develop a plan to launch collaborative data inquiry in a real-world context

Course description

The Data Wise Improvement Process is an eight-step model that guides teams of educators to work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning through evidence-based analysis. This leadership institute will help you develop the habits of mind needed to use collaborative data inquiry to build more equitable schools. We use the step-by-step Data Wise Improvement Process as our lead framework, and explore the equity questions that are essential to address at each step.

This program will prepare you to plan a thoughtful launch of this inquiry process in your own setting. Over five days, your school team will work with the Data Wise teaching team and peers from diverse settings who are committed to learning how to lead collaborative inquiry.

This program will prepare you to lead collaborative analysis of a wide range of data sources, including periodic formative assessments, daily student work, observation of classroom practice, and standardized tests. In a hands-on, interactive format, you will learn and use tools to present, discuss, and act on data.


Lecturer on Education and the Director of the Data Wise Project at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education

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