What you'll learn

  • Aligning mission and organizational performance management: Linking organizational performance, mission, and impact; comparing what is being measured and what is being delivered; developing a theory of change and logic model

  • Challenges and obstacles to managing organizational performance: Building a performance-based culture; developing capacity within the organization; implementing a performance management strategy

  • Innovation through measurement: Designing experiments to develop new interventions and improve existing programs; fostering a learning mindset

  • Collaborating with partners: Using data to communicate social and environmental outcomes to key stakeholders; dealing with the forces that shape the nonprofit environment

  • Sustainable performance management systems: Understanding and overcoming implementation challenges; institutionalizing continuous improvement in your organization; assessing communication issues

Course description

Performance measurement is essential for organizational innovation, learning, and success. Nonprofits, however, must evaluate social or environmental outcomes as well as financial performance, and the ideal metrics are not always easy to identify. Indeed, to improve the effectiveness of a nonprofit organization—especially when tackling society's toughest challenges—senior executives and board members must prioritize assessment of organizational performance. 

In Harvard Kennedy School’s Driving Nonprofit Performance and Innovation online executive program, you will explore how to align mission and strategy through performance measurement. Through live presentations led by Faculty Chair Dutch Leonard and other Harvard faculty, along with case studies and group discussions, you will learn to think conceptually about performance measurement and prepare to lead performance-focused initiatives that will empower your organization and drive new levels of success.

This virtual program features sessions on innovation and organizational learning; generating evidence about an intervention's effectiveness; building a culture of performance measurement; and managing for collective impact amid the challenges of today's rapidly changing world. Join us to learn how to align your organization’s mission, strategy, and performance—and how to develop a culture of learning and innovation at your nonprofit. You will also discover how to assess and communicate outcomes to partners and stakeholders. And you will find out how to identify key metrics, and institute and sustain organizational performance measurement.

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