Course description

This is an interactive course on the topics of diversity, equity and inclusion. The course focuses on gaining alignment and understanding on why creating workplace inclusion is equally important to a focus on building diverse teams, and how systemic barriers to entry impact the ability to establish inclusion and belonging. The course combines a variety of learning formats, including self-reflection, breakout groups, experiential learning, and full group discussions. The course asks participants to consider the definitions of concepts like diversity, equity and inclusion, microaggressions, and privilege, and takes leaders through an unwritten rules exercise to uncover opportunities to progress policies and norms in client assignments, talent and engagement, recruitment, and performance. As an outcome of this course, participants should understand why inclusion must be felt in order for a diverse team to thrive. Leaders should also understand a new avenues to lean in on topics that are difficult to discuss at work such as race and diversity, and why we gravitate towards some people more than others. For complete and current details about this Harvard Extension course, see the description in the DCE Course Search.


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