Course description

It is often thought that studying pharmacology involves memorizing drug names and chemical pathways, but in reality this subject is built upon a few simple concepts. This course aims to cover these fundamental concepts of pharmacology including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and toxicology. Learning materials are delivered online through HMX, a digital learning initiative from the faculty of Harvard Medical School. The HMX pharmacology course has been created by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team of Harvard Medical School educators and creative professionals. Using integrated multimedia elements and didactic visuals the HMX course focuses on bringing foundational concepts in pharmacology to life via real-world and clinical applications. Students also participate in a live component where they have the opportunity to dive deeper into these pharmacological concepts and work on problem-solving activities in weekly sessions with their instructor. In addition to receiving course credit, students have the opportunity to earn a certificate from Harvard Medical School. A certificate of achievement or a certificate of completion can be earned by those who attain certain thresholds within the course. Students registered in this course have access to the HMX pharmacology course. They should not enroll separately in the HMX course.


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