What you'll learn

  • Learn practical climate science 101
  • Understand the role of transition and physical impact climate-related disclosures
  • Grasp recent trends in Net Zero Development
  • Understand how building benchmarks impact development
  • Discover how to prepare for energy-use disclosures

Course description

The growing enactment of aggressive climate policies such as building benchmarking, energy use and impact disclosure, and net zero development standards around the US are requiring communities, and the developers, real estate professionals and architects who serve them, to meet higher standards. This session aims to help professionals turn these standards into an opportunity. 

For real estate professionals, addressing climate change through development yields measurable benefits that aid in financing their properties, including improved health, air quality, and productivity. Participants will learn how to develop proactive solutions that create competitive advantage. 

The session is geared to leaders across real estate development, both public and private, genuinely interested in participating in a collaborative effort to create a resilient future for the communities they serve.

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