Course description

This course provides an overview of economic tools and analytic approaches available to the manager for business decision making. It includes such topics as pricing, forecasting, demand analysis, production and cost analysis, and macroeconomic policy as it affects the business environment. The purpose of this course is to develop an economic perspective that is appropriate for students aspiring to manage business units or entire companies in a wide variety of industries. Students can count ECON S-1615 or ECON E-1600, but not more than one of these, toward a Harvard Extension School degree or certificate. In addition, students interested in applying to the ALM degree in management (using HBS Online CORe) or the ALM degree in finance must also take and pass our test of critical reading and writing skills separately from this course to become eligible for admission. 


  • Associate Dean for Strategy, Innovation, and Technology and Program Director of Master of Science in Applied Economics, Woods College of Advancing Studies, Boston College
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