Course description

This course introduces marketing analytics, including web analytics and data modeling. As big data moves into the mainstream, marketers are seeing the opportunity to make the profession more scientific and numbers-driven than ever before. Marketing analytics is one of the largest areas of marketing today. In addition, with measurement at the center of every marketing campaign, marketers have the opportunity to prove the return on investment of their programs with unprecedented accuracy. Yet, this wealth of data can be overwhelming. Every channel has its own metrics, every demographic group's behavior can be mined for targeting information. What are the numbers that matter? And what are they really telling us? How can we best leverage big data and marketing analytics to optimize results? This course explores the growing role of data in marketing. Taking a two-fold approach, the course focuses on the data of marketing. Students learn how to use the two main categories of data available to marketers: internal, or what is called marketing analytics; and external, or big data. In this course, students learn web analytics fundamentals, creating data dashboards, and predictive analytics. This is a purely data-driven course; it does not teach programming. Using real-world examples and practical exercises, the course allows students to understand the interactions between both kinds of data, and how best to use analytics to improve marketing outcomes, demonstrate return on investment to the C-suite, and create increasingly effective marketing campaigns.


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