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The twenty-first century museum is not merely a cabinet of curiosity. It is well-positioned to serve as a hub for new learning, an arbiter of equitable and inclusive practices, and to play a meaningful role in helping its visitors, stakeholders, and communities grapple with hard truths and nuanced issues. Using a survey of museum case studies, key literature, and the Socratic method of inquiry, this course explores museums as sites of social action through a series of questions, including: what is the role and responsibility of the museum in responding to issues affecting our communities locally and globally? How do the museum's internal practices need to change to align with, and better inform, their public practice? For complete and current details about this Harvard Extension course, see the description in the DCE Course Search.


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This course provides both a theoretical framework and practical tools for applying professional codes of ethics towards a better understanding of the critical role of museums in society today.

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