What you'll learn

  • How to perform a physical climate risk assessment

  • How to bring climate risks into existing investment and planning decisions

  • The connection between climate risks and social equity impacts

  • Emerging trends related to climate migration and managed retreat strategies

  • Net zero trends, drivers, and commitments

  • Real estate emissions and abatement strategies

Course description

Yesteryear’s real estate investment strategies are not suitable for a climate-changed future. From Wall Street to Main Street, the world still needs a giant leap in climate ambition. This program is for leaders across real estate development, both public and private, who are genuinely interested in participating in a collaborative effort to create a resilient future for the communities they serve. This program will demonstrate that there are opportunities for everyone in real estate development to be part of the climate solution by understanding both the context and opportunity of this change and actively seeking to develop climate-friendly policies collaboratively with local agencies.


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2 days long
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