What you'll learn

  • Learn the demographic demand trends in housing- age, marital trends, education, job formation, wealth creation, domestic and international immigration- and where to source the data to demonstrate it.
  • Understand de-globalization and the implications on which real estate is valuable.
  • Explore COVID accelerated domestic migration patterns and the changing nature of “office” work.
  • Learn how inflation - its sources & implications- (money supply growth, disruption of transportation, goods, labor, food and energy markets), as well as the resulting Federal Reserve interest rate response impacts real estate investment strategy.
  • Understand market and asset identification strategies leveraging commercially available datasets.
  • Recognize the importance of underwriting cycle times and understand the macroeconomic & cost of capital context, including inflation/deflation.

Course description

Commercial real estate investment professionals are called to make wise decisions, yet we’re awash in often meaningless and contradictory information that passes for “data”. This program will give you the tools to form an integrated real estate investment perspective that enables action and most importantly, better results.

This is not programs in theory, but rather in commercial real estate investment strategy and execution based on real data and application. This program is designed specifically to clear out the noise and zero in on the fundamental drivers of US Multifamily real estate value—and then create a range of strategies, responsive to both market conditions and your selected capital expectations, to execute on the creation of value.


  • Vice President, Matrix Yardi Systems, Inc.
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