What you'll learn

  • Learn the most powerful economic, epidemiological, and environmental arguments for making a sustained investment in walking, biking, and transit.

  • Discuss ten strategies for making better places: The Ten Steps of Walkability.

  • Learn how to do a Walkability Study.

  • Brainstorm and charrette the redevelopment of Watertown Square - a community hub badly in need of a redesign.

Course description

What makes a place walkable? What do design professionals, engineers, developers, and public officials need to know if they are to make, streets, landscapes, and communities more attractive to pedestrians?

Join Jeff Speck, author of the best-selling Walkable City, for a comprehensive two-day course on the most effective arguments, techniques, and tools for reshaping places in support of walking, biking, and transit, including a design charrette with the City Manager of Watertown, MA, George Proakis.

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