Danielle Allen
James Bryant Conant University Professor

Danielle Allen is the James Bryant Conant University Professor at Harvard University. She is a political philosopher, who has published broadly in democratic theory, political sociology, and the history of political thought, as well as a policy expert who focuses on democracy innovation and education. She also directs the Democratic Knowledge Project, a K-16 civic education provider. Widely known for her work on justice and citizenship in both ancient Athens and modern America, her books include The World of Prometheus: The Politics of Punishing in Democratic Athens (2000), Our Declaration: a reading of the Declaration of Independence in defense of equalityCuz: an American Tragedy, and Talking to Strangers: anxieties of citizenship since Brown v. Board of Education. She is the co-editor of the award-winning Education, Justice, and Democracy (2013, with Rob Reich) and From Voice to Influence: Understanding Citizenship in the Digital Age (2015, with Jennifer Light). She has chaired numerous commission processes and is a lead author on influential policy roadmaps, including Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century. She was a contributing columnist for the Washington Post and writes for the Atlantic. Throughout her career, she has sought to understand civic participation, inspire civic engagement, and make the case for constitutional democracy.

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