Lisa Haber-Thomson
Instructor in Architecture, Harvard University

Lisa Haber-Thomson is currently a PhD candidate in Architectural History and Theory at Harvard University. Her research explores the intersecting relationships between territory, law, and architecture. She is currently completing her dissertation, Territories of incarceration: architecture and judicial procedure across the English Channel, 1642-1945. Past research has examined the legal significance of a variety of architectural structures, and has ranged from an analysis of the use of watermills in medieval property disputes, to a study of the contemporary usages of Maginot Line casemates in eastern France. Lisa has been the recipient of the Julia A. Appleton Traveling Fellowship in Architecture, and the Frederick Sheldon Fund Traveling Fellowship. Additional support for her research has been awarded by the Soane Foundation and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. Lisa has worked as an architect at Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris, France, and as a video and sound editor for the Science Media Group. Continuing work in educational video production includes pedagogical design and implementation of this online course, The Architectural Imagination.

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