Roberto Kolter
Professor of Microbiology, Emeritus, Harvard Medical School

From 1983 when he joined Harvard, until 2018 when he retired and closed the lab, Roberto was deeply involved in research and education, focusing on the fascinating lives of microbes. 

As Professor Emeritus he continues his involvement in microbial sciences by teaching, writing and blogging (at Small Things Considered) and outreach through lectures and museum exhibitions. He produced a photographic exhibition World in a Dropwith Scott Chimileski, which has been shown at many locations around the world, and developed an exhibition Microbial Lifethat opened in 2018 and still is the major special exhibition at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. In 2017, Roberto and Scott co-authored the book Life at the Edge of Sight, a photographic exploration of the microbial world.  

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Explore the roles that microbes play in the production, preservation, and enhancement of diverse foods in a variety of culinary traditions, and learn about the history of food fermentations.

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