Assistant Professor, Klein Family School of Communications Design, University of Baltimore

Steven D. Cohen is an assistant professor at University of Baltimore's Klein Family School of Communications Design. He is an award-winning teacher who has delivered more than seventy-five courses and workshops on the art of public speaking. Cohen has been quoted in publications such as the Financial Times and The Baltimore Sun and recently was featured in the BBC Radio documentary, "Churchill's Secret Cabinet."

Cohen's work has appeared in Communication Teacher, the International Journal of Listening, Listening Education, Relevant Rhetoric, and Toastmaster magazine. Cohen is the author of two books, Public Speaking: The Path to Success and Lessons from the Podium: Public Speaking as a Leadership Art. He is also the editor of On the Path to Success: Readings and Resources.

Cohen previously served as managing director of the Oral Communication Program at the University of Maryland. He was an assistant vice president and team leader at Bank of America and later became a senior strategy consultant at IBM Global Business Services.

PhD, University of Maryland