What you'll learn

  • Surface and reconnect with your personal purpose or mission for teaching and how it drives your practice

  • Reflect on your personal practice, share signature moves, and learn from others

  • Understand and be able use protocols for continuing to develop a language of practice through deep investigation of routines, strategies, and student work

  • Consider how an emerging language of practice can be foundational to mentoring, coaching, and instructional team relationships in service of growing our collective work as leaders of learning

  • Develop a plan to share your learning with students, parents, and colleagues through your work in classrooms and as your skills for instructional leadership grow

Course description

Articulating the Intangibles of Teaching: Aligning Your Purpose and Practice for Instructional Leadership is designed to help you surface your purpose, navigate the ways in which it does or does not come alive within your work as a teacher or teacher leader, and articulate your language of practice to be able to share with students, parents, and colleagues.

Now, more than ever, with an abundance of new variables – many of which are ever-changing – teachers are asking themselves: how can I, in the face of whatever the context or situation might demand, both ensure students are receiving my best self and teaching, and seek the support I need to accomplish my goals? Surfacing and understanding your purpose is not only helpful as a guide for your efforts as a teacher or teacher leader, but also crucial in fortifying yourself in the face of uncertainty or competing demands.


Lecturer on Education, Faculty Director of Harvard Teacher Fellows Program

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