What you'll learn

  • Learn some of the key epidemiological considerations that need to be taken into account when designing and conducting a clinical trial

  • Understand how a clinical trial is designed, carried out, interpreted, and presented

  • Learn about the process of drug review and the regulatory steps that are taken to move a drug from clinical drug development to the drug market for use in patients

Course description

Clinical drug development has evolved dramatically over time and the field continues to advance today. The methodology of clinical trials has evolved with new techniques being introduced. The design and statistical aspects have become more sophisticated in parallel with the increased use of technology and the introduction of new drug modalities. The rigor and discipline of this process means that people can trust that the medicines they take are likely to be safe and effective and that beneficial treatments can make their way through the process in a safe and timely manner.

Learning about the process of clinical drug development has important implications for anyone working in health care and related sectors. This advanced course offers a unique way for professionals to learn from leading Harvard Medical School faculty about how drugs are developed clinically and about the advances happening in this field that are ultimately helping to improve the treatment and prevention of disease.

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