What you'll learn

  • Identify and communicate the detection of a security breach

  • Recommend optimal strategies for responding to a cyber attack and how to prevent further damage

  • Assess the vulnerabilities of an organization's critical business systems, networks, and data

  • Identify the critical business systems, networks, and data, and their potential vulnerabilities

  • Ensure your organization remains compliant through an understanding of cyber law and the requirements that govern a business or sector

  • Design and implement a risk mitigation strategy for an organization

Course description

The annual cost of cybercrime is exponentially increasing; after a 12% rise since 2017, the total cost of cybercrime for each company is now $13 million.1 Attacks are increasing, and so are the expenses. (Accenture, March 2019)

It has become imperative for every organization to become aware of all risks inherent in the evolving cyber landscape. The Harvard VPAL's Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age online short course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within an organization’s networks, systems, and data.

You’ll discover how to critically analyze an organization’s risk profile and gain the skills needed to lead your business through the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape. 

Designed and guided by the former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defence Ash Carter, you’ll receive in-depth industry insight as you prepare to protect the integrity, security, and confidentiality of your digital assets.

Course Outline

Cybersecurity risk is business risk

Identifying the threats to an organization

Identifying important business systems and assets

The crucial role of leadership in managing cyber risk

Understanding your technology

Cyber risk and the law

Incident response and accountability

Designing and implementing a mitigation strategy


Co-Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

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