What you'll learn

  • Understand emerging best practices in physical workplace design for creative teams.

  • Explore the role that technology plays in creative workplace redesign and operations in both the design, delivery, and ongoing assessment of performance.

  • Understand the constellation of tools that enable increasingly beneficial redesign and recalibration of creative workplaces to workforce needs.

  • Learn proven practices for shaping and supporting the team of people that designs and continuously optimizes a high-performance, creative workplace.

Course description

While many fields have acclimatized to hybrid ways of working, many creative industries, such as architecture, design, film, and game design, have encountered persistent challenges in making this transition.

In this course, informed by research on the modern creative workplace, we look at the unique spaces, technology, and culture shaping the creative workplace to help creative teams answer the question: “How will we redesign our workplace and the way we work?”

Divided into three modules — Spaces, Technology, and Culture — the course will use a scaffolded approach to provide participants, regardless of background, with the resources to take actionable steps towards transforming their creative workplaces.

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