What you'll learn

  • Learn five fundamental principles of entertainment architecture.

  • Practice reframing your project into an emotionally engaging story by adapting the practices of theme park design.

  • Reframe your thinking from being investor-focused to user-focused because the user is the one who is funding your project.

  • Understand marketing data’s role in analyzing what is essential to your potential user.

  • Acquire the skills to tell distinct, memorable stories.

  • Grow as a leader by becoming a better storyteller.

Course description

Every building tells a story. These stories are grounded in our emotional connection to architecture. Our built environment protects us, surrounds us, defines us, and gives us a place to live our lives. The better you understand a building’s story, the better you can enlist others into your vision.

In this program on narrative architecture, Steve Tatham, one of the world’s leading theme park designers, will discuss how theme parks use story techniques to create unforgettable built environments and how you can use these practices to bring your built projects to life.

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