What you'll learn

  • Build on teaching skills and methods you successfully used in-class instruction

  • Explore and develop practical strategies for online teaching and learning

  • Learn to integrate technology in support of your learning goals

  • Design an online or blended learning experience tailored to your individual learning environment and gather feedback from fellow participants

  • Participate in an active online learning community and develop professional relationships that can help expand your education practice

Course description

In the face of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, online and blended learning is now an educational fact of life. Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning is a new program designed to support your preparations for online and blended learning experiences. You will gain useful strategies and pedagogical approaches to create meaningful learning experiences. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your relationship with technology, reimagine teaching strategies, and develop positive, engaging experiences for your learners.

Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning is a four-week online workshop that examines strategies related to designing and implementing virtual learning experiences. The action-oriented, self-directed workshop combines research and theory with practical strategies, culminating in the design and development of an online learning project – lesson plan, online unit, professional development plan, or curriculum resource – for your specific learning context. This workshop is lightly facilitated with a strong emphasis on the community of practice that emerges among participants. Connect, reflect, and actively engage with fellow participants through conversations, project feedback, and brainstorms.


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