What you'll learn

  • Responsibly and effectively prescribe opioids and other medications for pharmacological treatment of pain by titrating the doses appropriately throughout the course of treatment

  • Determine which patients should receive interventional pain treatments such as injection therapies and implanted devices

  • Recognize when to use mind/body techniques in practice to help patients with chronic or debilitating pain

  • Assess methods to manage end-of-life pain

  • Compare and contrast various pain-relieving techniques

  • Discuss the benefits and appropriate use of yoga and other non-pharmacologic pain-relieving options

Course description

A significant amount of research has indicated that many, if not all, types of pain are undertreated. Some data indicate that only 25% of patients treated for pain receive adequate relief. In addition, several studies have shown that various pain-relieving techniques may be used inappropriately, which can result in patient harm. This course provides a comprehensive review and update of the basic science and advances in the field of pain medicine.  

The faculty includes specialists in many aspects of pain medicine including anesthesiology, neurology, psychiatry and psychology, internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery, interventional radiology and neurosurgery. Participants learn how to diagnose common pain problems and explore various options for treatment of chronic pain, acute pain and cancer-related pain. Pharmacologic, behavioral and interventional treatments of pain will be discussed. Ample time will be spent addressing the role of opioids in the management of pain. 

This is an accredited, livestreamed course offered by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. This course is targeted to pain medicine specialists, primary care physicians, specialty physicians, psychologists and nurses.  This course may also be of interest to physicians who practice anesthesiology, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, and family medicine.

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