What you'll learn

  • Understand how the body reacts to stimuli to maintain steady-state conditions

  • Learn fundamental concepts like partial pressure, flow through tubes, compliance, supply and demand, and acid-base balance and how they relate to the working of biological systems

  • See how basic principles apply in real world and clinical settings 

Course description

Understanding how the body works is essential for effectively treating patients. In HMX Physiology, you’ll learn about core concepts and their relationship to the workings of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and renal systems, and see how this knowledge comes into play in real-world scenarios and in clinical settings from the intensive care unit to the cardiac catheterization lab.

The course is led by Dr. Richard Schwartzstein, a professor at Harvard Medical School. Key concepts are explained in brief concept video segments, and assessments allow you to test your knowledge of the content and learn alongside your classmates. This course also features videos where Dr. Schwartzstein takes you into the hospital to demonstrate how your knowledge of physiology applies to real-life clinical issues. 

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